Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching Session with Nancy Montuori

$350.00 1 hour

Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching and Lifestyle Coach

Our food choices are powerful. The food we eat can affect our health, our energy and how we age. It can even effect the health of our planet. Learn how to embrace a vegan diet full or part-time with this hour long phone or Skype session with Ordinary Vegan's founder, Nancy Montuori.  In this one-on-one nutrition coaching session, you will learn the most efficient techniques to embrace a vegan diet, what to eat, and how to get optimal nutrition on a vegan diet. Nancy will also help you achieve your individual goals. This session includes a pdf  vegan shopping list, vegan protein list, and a daily nutritional checklist.


Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching and Lifestyle Coach with Nancy Montuori

Have you seen documentaries like Forks Over Knives or What The Health and now want to prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer or heart disease?

Or maybe you are already suffering from an autoimmune condition, obesity, or other health problems and want to get started on plant-based diet to reverse or improve your condition.

Or perhaps you are having trouble maintaining a vegan diet.

Regardless of the reason you are here, embracing a plant-based diet, full or part-time, is easier than you think with the right guidance.

In May 2011, Nancy Montuori quit her long career in the entertainment business to devote her life to helping people by advocating a plant-based diet for health and wellness.

Through her Ordinary Vegan website, blog, recipes, social media groups and podcast, Nancy became a beacon for people wanting to take back their health.

Nancy holds advanced certifications in plant-based nutrition and plant-based cooking. She learned from the best and earned her certificate in plant-based nutrition from Dr. T. Colin Campbell's program at Cornell.

In this one-on-one phone or Skype training, you will learn the most efficient techniques possible to embrace a plant-based diet full or part-time. Nancy will teach you how to get optimal nutrition on a plant-based diet, what to eat and how to achieve your personal goals.

The plant-based nutrition coaching includes a pdf kit of all the tools you need to get started. Including a vegan protein list, vegan shopping list, and a daily nutritional checklist.

Whether you want to learn more about plant-based nutrition, how to get started on a vegan diet, or just live as long and healthy as possible, Nancy will help you achieve all your individual goals with this plant-based nutrition coaching session.

If you have any questions, email me at

**In 2018, after two years of research, I launched my first product – Ordinary Vegan plant-based CBD Oil from Hemp. My fact-finding, research and testimonials from our vegan community proved to me that this natural food supplement could help people with anxiety, depression, migraines, arthritis and chronic pain, and that excited me because all I want to do is help people feel their best.

You can learn more about vegan CBD oil from Hemp here, and I hope CBD can make everyone’s pain and anxiety more manageable.

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