Spicy Broccoli Pasta with A Lemon Breadcrumb Flavor Bomb

October 3, 2018

This roasted, dairy-free, low caloric, spicy broccoli pasta topped off with a lemon breadcrumb flavor bomb is a quick and easy dish the entire family will love. How easy? Well, all you need to do is roast your broccoli and seasoning for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, cook your pasta and combine your flavor bomb ingredients. That’s…

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Do Vegans Have Better Sex? & My First Vegan Memorial Day

June 1, 2011

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a week. I had to go out of town and spent seven days in a state famous for all things beef including beef shakes. No, I’m not kidding. Obviously I had a tough time eating out and spent most nights in my dark hotel room microwaving veggie burgers or trying…

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High Protein Edamame Pasta, Spirituality & Food

May 19, 2011

High Protein Edamame Pasta, Spirituality & Food When I woke up this morning, I felt a little unusual – very calm, satisfied with lots of energy and I didn’t even need my morning cup of coffee. I decided to step on the scale to see if I have lost any weight and found out “nope”…

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