CBD Testimonials

Testimonial 1

“A few month’s ago I ordered your CBD oil on a whim and to be honest,  I didn’t really believe it could help me with my chronic pain. But since I started using the capsules, I’m a new person. At first I cut back on my opioids, but now I am almost opioid free for the first time in 10 years. Thank you so much!”


Testimonial 2

“My name is Stephanie and my anxiety and panic attacks were something I learned to live with. I started using your capsules daily and it has changed my life. Panic attacks are gone and my anxiety level is the best it has ever been. I also use the drops when I need a little extra anxiety protection. So grateful. Thank you Ordinary Vegan.”


Testimonial 3

“I recommend Ordinary Vegan’s CBD capsules to everyone. I work retail and have fibromyalgia and it’s working very well – one pill each day to control pain.”


Testimonial 4

“Hi – I wanted to share my experience with your CBD capsules in hope that it helps others. I have suffered with depression and anxiety on and off since the 70s. I am now 65. The happy tablets just didn't seem to work anymore then someone mentioned CBD Oil. I have never looked back since taking it. Besides it changed my moods it also got rid of back pain I had. But basically I wake up in the morning feeling happy again :)”


Testimonial 5

” I recently tried Ordinary Vegan’s CBD Pain Cream after straining my neck moving furniture. The cream looks like more of a salve and is a beautiful pale green color and it smells divine . It massages easily into the skin and best of all IT WORKS! My neck had been killing me for days and after massaging it into my neck I felt almost instant relief.”



Testimonial 6

“I am 80 and have been taking your CBD oil for two months for neck pain that I have suffered from since 2011. Since taking your oil the pain has gone so I am re-ordering.  Thanks for your product.”


Testimonial 7

“I have rheumatoid arthritis and have tried so many medications. After 30 days on YOUR CBD oil from hemp, I am feeling better than I have in years. Thank you CBD AND THANK YOU ORDINARY VEGAN!”


Testimonial 8

“I use your CBD oil 2X daily for sleep, joint pain and anxiety. I am now off the sleeping pills and cut my antidepressant dosage in half so far. So happy with the results!”


Testimonial 9

“I love your CBD oil capsules.  I am more relaxed than ever and it helps a great deal with the pain in my hands from arthritis!”


Testimonial 10

“I received my CBD cream from Ordinary Vegan. My hands were in a lot of pain and I could not bend my fingers. I applied some and within about 35 min. I could bend them and the pain was gone. I used it sparingly but messaged it in good but gingerly. I love the color and the smell. It doesn’t smell medicinal.”


Testimonial 11

” I just ordered from your site last night and I’m so excited to start feeling better. On a more personal note…I’ve loved your other page and blogs for quite a long time now and when I saw that you started selling this product I knew right away that I trusted the quality and would try it. Thank you for everything”


Testimonial 12

“I was having hip spasms for over a week. I bought your cream, applied it and 30 minutes later my spasms were gone”


Testimonial 13

“I have suffered from severe chronic pain for over 20 years. Got addicted to pain meds and took Acetaminophen daily for 20 years until it led to a severe ulcer. I finally decided to try your CBD oil capsules and it was a miracle from the moment I took them. No only did it improve my mood swings, it took away the pain and decreased the inflammation. I am a new man. Thank you!”


Testimonial 14

“I have a very rare, incurable and untreatable disease called Mitochondrial Disease. I had been bedridden for the last 4 years. I started CBD oil hoping to get some relief for my symptoms and what I ended up getting was my life back. I can still hardly believe it. We are all stunned, including my doctors. I can sit up, talk, walk and have even started exercising to try and regain muscle and endurance. For the first time in over 4 years I have hope. Please, please help move CBD forward. Its the only thing that has helped me. The only thing.”

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