Podcast #12: How A GFCF Diet Can Help Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

June 28, 2016

Learn How A GFCF Diet Can Improve The Health of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (#vegan) ordinaryvegan.net

Today's podcast discusses the benefits of a gluten-free, casein-free,  GFCF diet,  for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Gut disorders are one of the most common medical conditions associated with autism. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that children with autism are three to five times more likely to suffer from chronic gastrointestinal disorders. 

Researchers also found a link to gut disorders and autism severity in children. Toxins produced by abnormal gut bacteria may trigger or worsen autism in children.

The good news is that some autistic and ADHD children's gut bacteria problems can be helped with diet and eating the right food is essential.

Today's podcast discusses the benefits of a gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Learn in today's podcast what foods and chemicals to avoid for gut disorders, and what foods can help repair the gut lining.

We also discuss the role of glyphosate, one of the most commonly digested chemicals and how it can affect your health and the health of your child.

GFCF Diet for Autism

Citing Sources Mentioned In This Week's Podcast

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280 Million Pounds Of Glyphosate in 2012

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Sri Lanka's President Bans Glyphosate Herbicides

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If you are interested in testing your child for glyphosate, there is a website here that is beginning to test. 

Ordinary Vegan's Kitchen Recipe:

Vegan Chicken Fingers with Mustard Sauce and Sweet Potato Fries
**Did you know the people of Okinawa have a life expectancy among the highest in the world and 27% of their diet consists of sweet potatoes!**

Thanks for joining us for this week's podcast. I hope a GFCF diet helps your child!

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