Podcast #13: Longevity – The Food Secrets of Cultures With The Longest Lifespan

August 17, 2016

Learn the food secrets of the people with the longest lifespan. (#vegan) ordinaryvegan.net

We can consume foods that can heal us or we can consume foods that can kill us. Once we know the difference, we are on the road to a healthy, happy, long life.

Today's podcast is devoted to longevity and the foods that have played a role in the cultures of people around the world who enjoy healthy lives into their 80s, 90s, and some well into their hundreds.

Listen to today's podcast to unlock the secrets of longevity from the longest-living people in the world: Okinawans. No only do Okinawans enjoy the world's highest life expectancy; they stay active well into their 80s and 90s. They also have one of the lowest rates of dementia in the world.  Their secret? Food is the #1 contributor to their longevity, and you may be surprised by what they eat.

Now lets move to another part of the world, the Island of Sardinia, where scientists have been trying for years to discover the secrets of why Sardinia is the home to the longest-lived men. A study was done called AKeA, an acronym for “A Kent Annos”, a traditional toast in the Sardinian culture that means “may you live to be 100 years old.” That study found that their diet was crucial to their longevity, and nearly half of their diet comprises one food group.

Our next stop is Loma Linda, California. What sets Loma Linda apart from the rest of the country is that it is home to a large population of Seventh-Day Adventists. Studies have found that Adventists have the Nation's lowest rates of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity because of their diet.

Learn the secrets of the oldest living men and women in the world. (#vegan) ordinaryvegan.net

Longevity – The Food Secrets of Cultures With The Longest Lifespan

We also cook up some longevity muffins in Ordinary Vegan's kitchen. Here is the recipe.

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