Podcast #94: Arsenic In Rice – Should You Be Concerned?

January 21, 2021

The questions about arsenic in rice have been floating around for many years. Mainly because studies have detected high levels of arsenic in rice. So should you eat rice?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer, but today I present all the evidence so you can make an informed decision.

Podcast #94 will answer all the critical questions about the amounts of arsenic in rice and how to avoid it along with:

  • Maximum levels of arsenic allowed in drinking water
  • Forms of arsenic
  • Why rice absorbs arsenic
  • Determining arsenic content of rice
  • Arsenic and disease
  • Food safety and rice products
  • Which brands and sources of rice have the least arsenic
  • Rice milk and rice syrup
  • Tips for reducing arsenic content of the rice you eat

I hope today's podcast helps you decide how much rice and rice products you want to consume.

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