Podcast #59: Wabi-Sabi – Embracing Imperfection In A Vegan Diet

June 19, 2019

Today, I want to encourage the pursuit of imperfection. 

It is called wabi-sabi, and accepting imperfection is the fundamental principal. 

That does not mean to embrace failure. It means to embrace learning and to be willing not to get it entirely right. 

“Wabi means simplicity, humility, and living in tune with nature. It describes someone content with little and makes the most of whatever they have.

“Sabi” refers to transience, beauty, and authenticity of age. The term has its roots in Buddhism but eventually evolved into a distinctly Japanese ideal.

The Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi offers an inspiring new way to look at your entire life. It celebrates cracks, crevices and rot and all other marks that time and weather leave behind.

Wabi-Sabi & A Vegan Diet

So what does this have to do with a vegan diet?

Because eating vegan is not about being perfect. And I never want to perpetuate that. 

There is no such thing as a perfect human or a perfect vegan.

It is time to celebrate and accept the beauty of imperfection of a vegan diet through wabi-sabi. 

Always remember; when nothing is certain, everything is possible.

Hope you enjoy today’s podcast.

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