Podcast #47: Dream Interpretation with Tricia Kelly

November 2, 2018

You may think dream interpretation is an unusual subject for a health and wellness podcast,  but dreaming is an important function for our emotional health. Dreams are often the way the brain solves problems and deals with our concerns.

Furthermore, some psychologists think that dreams are nothing more than random brain activity. While others like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung believe that dreams can reveal a person's deepest unconscious wishes and desire.

In particular, Freud's work on dreams explored the possibility of universal symbols in dreams. However, he was cautious about symbols and believed that symbols are more personal rather than universal. In other words, no one dream interpretation fits all.

And why do the same dreams reoccur? Why do you keep dreaming of missing a plane or having to cram for a college exam after you graduated from college? Some people even dream that they are being murdered or murdering someone else.

Above all,  lengthy, distressful, or violent nightmares can disrupt our sleep and as we all know rest is essential to human health.

Dream Interpretation with Tricia Kelly

Today, we learn how to analyze our dreams and why it is important with dream expert, Tricia Kelly.

Tricia Kelly teaches an inspirational blend of Western and Eastern wisdom. Her thirty-eight years of teaching are enhanced with perspectives gained from traveling the world. She includes in her work the dream symbolism and wisdom of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung and Edward Edinger.

Tricia's philosophy is that dreams are simply and astonishingly a doorway into our deeper selves, and teach us who we are and how we are made.

Tricia has an office in Costa Mesa, California. She is currently traveling and will begin meeting with new clients in February 2019. You can reach her at dreamdrop676@gmail.com.

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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