Podcast #85: Cultivating Happiness in Stressful Times

September 1, 2020

News flash: 2020 has been a rough year on everybody. And according to a recent happiness study, people in the US are more unhappy today than they've been in nearly 50 years. The study found that just 14% of American adults say they're very happy. This statistic is down from 31% who said the same in 2018.

Furthermore, in other parts of the world, the health and economic impact of Covid-19 has been significant. So stress and unhappiness isn't just an American problem.

Obviously, it's easy to cultivate happiness when life is going our way. But what about the darker times? How can some people remain happy in troubling times?

As it turns out, scientific data suggests there are particular reasons why some people weather the storm better than others.

Today's podcast is devoted to evidence-based studies on how to be happy along with:

  • Happiness Study 2019
  • World Happiness Report
  • Harvard College Study on why some people live longer and happier
  • The secrets of people who remain happy in stressful times
  • The importance of community service
  • Community service ideas
  • How contact with nature strengthens our social bonds
  • A new study on dairy and breast cancer
  • Toxic chemicals in dental floss

Thank you for joining me today.

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